The Big Show – $1295


  • A DJ for the Entire Reception
  • Extra Early Setup
  • An Upgraded Sound System
  • Club Style DJ Lighting Option
  • The Music You Want
  • Professional Announcements and Introductions
  • Option of having a Performing DJ
  • Option of having Party Giveaways
  • Option to have Ceremony Music
  • Choreographed Dance Routines
  • The Original Electric Bluze Brothers
  • 2 Professional DJs

This package has 2 experienced professional DJs on hand for your entire event. It offers all the same perks and services our all inclusive wedding DJ Package offers, but it moves smoother, looks bigger, and just gives you something different that a single operator DJ just can’t offer. This Package is the cornerstone of Electric Blue Entertainment.

With two DJs, one can take a request while the other makes announcements. Choreographed dance routines that they could do can energize and motivate your guests to the dance floor faster. Even the guests who don’t dance are entertained with what they see in front and around the DJ booth. Group dances (Cupid Shuffle, etc.) really come alive with 2 DJs “working the crowd.”

Party giveaways are also available at this level. We giveaway sunglasses, hats, instruments, props, or glow necklaces to further entice your guests to the dance floor.

On that note, another option you have at this level is, The Original Electric Bluze Brothers. For just over 20 years people have seen us doing this specialty musical entertainment. Yes, Jake does do cartwheels and other acrobatics with Elwood.

If you and your family love to have fun, or love the Blues Brothers this option is a must! And the one people talk about for years after the wedding.